Friday, November 20, 2015

"You Gotta Believe!"

         Some people have a hard time going to bed at night.  Some people have a hard time getting up in the morning.  For our teenaged eleventh grader, she is both.
         For you who prefer a long shower (specifically a 30 minute or longer) so does this same child.
         One morning this past week, as she propped herself at the kitchen island for breakfast, my husband and I were trying to encourage her to “get it in high gear.”  We recognized she had gone to bed late, gotten up late and now had quite a few things to do to get ready before her carpool ride came to pick her up.  This morning’s “high gear” also included the ridiculously long shower.
         After on-going encouragement and prodding by her dad, our daughter (with much inflection and exaggerated gestures) told him, “Dad, you gotta believe!  You just gotta believe in me!”
         Her words have echoed in my heart throughout the week.  “You gotta believe, just believe in me!”  I think how important it is to give her confidence.  We need to communicate our belief in her.  Belief, that she can.  Belief, that she can be. Belief. In. Her.
         I wonder how much more our children can accomplish when we demonstrate and communicate that we believe in them.  Our children gain confidence when they know that we believe in them, believe that they can. 
         This belief ultimately reflects a confidence and a hope in our Savior.  Realizing who we ultimately believe in. Focusing on the Christ is who we can confidently place our belief in. Believing in Christ for me and for our children.
Philippians 4:13 says..."I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!"

         Within a few short minutes, her carpool ride pulled up in front of our house.  They too had to wait.  (Only another minute or two.)  As she grabbed her book bag, dance bag and lunch, quick hugs were exchanged.  The front door opened with her dad waving her goodbye chiming out, “I believe in you Baby Girl!”

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