Friday, July 17, 2015

Safety Principle

            The safety instructions on a plane, “First put the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose before you begin to help others” is a wonderful metaphor for parenting our children in their spiritual lives.

            This is a crucial principle we need to adhere to in our parenting. Just as we would protect our children by caring for ourselves in the case of the loss of cabin pressure in the plane,
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we must diligently seek to care for our spiritual lives before attempting to spiritually care for the lives of our children.
            As young moms, it is more often hard to impossible to have consistent times for your Bible study and prayer time.  If you are a stickler for structure, you will soon loose your mind in your attempt to have consistent quiet time.  My suggestion is you become creative.
            As your child is sitting in her highchair, read from her Bible board books.  Don’t consider the “story” is just for her.  Truths from God’s Word can penetrate to the core of our being.  Consider the Bible verse discussed in the story and make application of it.
            Keep a duplicate basket of books, devotionals and Bibles in your car. 
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Once your children are in their car seats and you have the air condition on (hey we live in Florida where air condition is used year round) you can begin your Bible reading or prayer time. 
            Just as the oxygen mask doesn’t have to stay on long before you help someone else, you don’t have a time allotment you are trying to meet or exceed.  You are simply looking for the power of God’s Word to penetrate your heart and give you what you need to follow the Lord that day.
            Keep in mind that the Israelites were instructed to only pick up enough manna for the day; otherwise it would be filled with maggots and rot.   We should gather enough of God’s Word to be able to share it and/or apply it.  Your children will be blessed by the short phrases you gather to repeat with them throughout the day.
            After being in God’s Word (whether in your home or in your car or at the park or in the library) you will provide the spiritual safety boundary for your children.  You can help your children best when you yourself have heard from the Lord in His Word and through prayer.

Challenge:   Today see how many creative places you can find to read God’s Word and pray.  Repeat the verse or concept to your child throughout the day and watch as God’s Word begins to make a profound difference in your lives.

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