Monday, July 6, 2015

Renew My Heart

Life is full of seasons. Some are beautiful with foliage full of colors where the breeze is a bit cooler. We love fall and welcome it!  Then, comes winter. The weather is cold, leaves are gone, and the look is very bland. The trees look as if they have died and we wonder if they will bloom again with beauty.  Spring bring rains that seem bothersome at the time but allows great beauties to bloom after. Summer is full of sweat and heat where we must take cover to refresh.

Having experienced seasons before, we know it is a constant changing cycle. It is similar in the journey as a parent. We go through seasons of winter, drought, rain and then fruit-bearing seasons as well. But the great thing about seasons is...they are NOT forever. They are temporary and soon enough a new season will emerge.

What is the season you are walking through right now?

One where you see your deposits into your kiddos bearing much fruit?

Or do you find yourself wondering if they are getting it at all?

Remember this promise...

and this one...


Seasons are not forever. God is faithful. His promises are true. Don't give up. Ask Him to hold up your head as you seek His face daily. The Lord stretches us for future ministry. HE loves you!

The journey isn't over - no matter how old your kids are - but has just begun.

Seek God today. Ask Him to renew your heart towards your kids. Allow Him to refresh your mind.

Allow Him to remind you that your labor is not in vain. HE sees it all and is grateful for your efforts!

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