Thursday, July 2, 2015


During my husband and my week on short-term mission to Haiti our kids had fun at VBS and spent time with grandma and her adopted son our kids’ age.  My life up until that week was focused on my husband and two little lives (Matthew & Jordan) – their past, present and future.  Then we were asked by our church to go to Haiti with a month to get ready.  By this I mean writing the THREE page “note” of instructions for grandma (a mom of 4 and former foster mom, so SUPER capable to take care of our children) and not to mention the note I wrote concerning the care of our children in case we died, etc.

So as we stepped on the plane at the end of the week to go from Haiti to Florida it down poured!  Lift off was fine.  Up, up, up.  A little bumpy but that’s to be expected where clouds and rain are present.  And then…THE DIP.  This dip was like one at Disney on Thunder Mountain – enough to give you a thrill but nothing too crazy.  Except on an airplane it didn’t warrant the “YAAAYYY” reaction.   Then we REALLY did a nose-dive that prompted most on the plane to break out in prayer and supplication like never before. 

During this awful event after calling out to our GOD in utter urgency our kids were on my mind.  What would their lives be like if we didn’t make it home?  I felt so sad for them.  Even on Curious George when Hundley the dog was lost in the city, he thought of the Doorman feeling sad that Hundley never came home.  Oh the despair.  What hope we have in Jesus (Romans 8:34-39).  Read it sister and be encouraged.  I was comforted because most in our family are believers and most likely they’d be surrounded by believers who would guide them to the Comforter.

When turbulence hits your life, take comfort in Romans 8:34-39.  Not even turbulence can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  

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