Friday, July 24, 2015

Mend the Nets!

       With my glorified degree of Home Economics, I know how to sew.  In fact, I like to sew.  I am smart enough to recognize I wouldn’t be considered a seamstress, but I can take a pattern and produce a garment or home accessory.  However, I do not like repair work.
       I don’t like to hem pants or to repair a seam.  I don’t like to take a piece of clothing and make it look like it originally did. 
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I don’t know why, it just seems to lack creativity and it’s predictable.
       As I was reading this week in the Bible, I began watching the Lord stitch by stitch put together in my heart what has always been there. 
       I saw where the Lord Jesus called His first disciples. These disciples are recorded repairing (or mending) their nets. (Matthew 4: 21 and Mark 1:19.)  They were taking what they had and repairing what needed work.
       I considered the last week of parenting. As most of our children are out of the home, it is so much easier to sweep differences under the rug.  To turn our heads away from what we don’t want to see. To disengage from their lives, saying they are old enough to figure it out themselves.
       Mending the nets, took time.  It may have been easier for the disciples to just toss the nets and buy new ones. 

Maybe the disciples could have asked for outside help to mend the nets.
       I believe God had me examine His fishermen friends to remind me of what I needed to do as a mom.  I must help in the necessary repairs in my life as they affect our children.  I can’t turn my face away from the obvious, whether it is my personal offense or the help they may need with decisions.  I cannot excuse or ignore my bad behavior or theirs.  I must mend the nets of our relationships.  I must mend the nets of being available to help them face their professions.
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       I must take what is right in front of me, and work on it.  As I would much prefer to make a garment from the pattern to the runway, I must hem the skirt, repair the button that is missing or replace the seam.

       My preferences are trumped by the need to mend, the need to repair.  God is good to let me see myself in those disciples who needed to take care of the condition right in front of them.  I too, need to mend the nets, what about you?

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