Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"The Perfect Gift for Your Young Child" by Bruce & Stan PART 2

Teach your children 
to choose the right path,
and then they are older,
they will remain upon it.
-Proverbs 22:6

Yesterday's blog  shared about the perfect gift for your young child.
Here we continue from the devotional "God is in the Small Stuff" by Bruce & Stan. 


-Teach your children to do more than they are asked to do.

-Help your child to discover his or her God-given abilities - then develop them.

-Speak with your children, not at them.

-Sit with your children, not on them.

-Teach your children by your words(make sure they are kind), by your actions (make sure they are wholesome), and by your temperament (make sure it is controlled).

-True education must begin by instilling honesty in your children.

-Teach your kids responsibility early.

-Let your kids help you plan your next vacation.

-When you talk to your children, get to their level and look them in the eye.

-Hug your kids.

-Take your kids out for ice cream after they've performed in sports, drama, or music, especially if they didn't do very well. 

-Attend every open house at your children's schools.

-Don't miss the "first" in your child's life: the first word spoken, the first steps taken, the first day of school, the first graduation, the first game won, the first game loss, the first heartbreak, the first big success. 

-Kiss your kids good-night every evening, even if it wakes them up. 

How has the Lord spoken to your heart today?

What area of your life needs changing to better enjoy your kids in your season of life?

ps. If you enjoyed this excerpt from "God is in the Small Stuff" by Bruce and Stan, I would highly recommend picking up their small devotional with great insight and encouragement on tons of subjects.

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