Friday, January 9, 2015

Sea Sick

        Standing at the door with our carpool waiting in the driveway our youngest was faced with the quandary.  I had told her she needed to feed the dog before she left for school.  She was determined to honor my request and hold up her ride.
         As Greg walked in and saw her dropping her books and lunch bag, he questioned what was going on.  She explained the dilemma she was experiencing. As any wonderful knight and shinning armor would offer,
her dad replied, “Go on to your ride and I’ll feed the dog.”
         As if he had said nothing she continued to put down her belongings, he again said, “Sweetheart go on out to the car and I’ll feed the dog.”  I realized she wouldn’t hear him without some explanation.
         I explained, “Your daddy has overridden my request and he will take care of feeding the dog.”  With the “I can’t believe you are saying that expression on her face” she gathered her things, tossed that long blonde hair and off she went.
         With this experience so fresh on my mind I should have been better prepared for the day.  However, I found myself throughout my workday having “overrides” by my supervisors. Appeals made on my behalf. 
         These appeals tend to work toward our advantage many times, but it’s the mental shift, the reprograming of the plan that can be difficult.
         In telling Greg about my day he termed my experiences as being “sea sick.”  One minute I’m headed and leaning to the left and the next I’m headed and leaning to the right.

         So why record this on this blog sight about parenting?  I guess my day at work reminded me that its good to feel the emotion our children do.  Being able to empathize with them will make us much more conscientious of how we are parenting.  It also makes the word “exasperating” more understandable when we too, “know how it feels.”

         Parenting is not for the faint hearted.  It takes diligence and perseverance and thoughtfulness.  We need to watch out for the “seasick” expression that may be on our children’s faces and respond with understanding and patience.

Ephesians 6: 4 
"...Not to provoke or exasperate our children, rather bring them up with the discipline 
and instruction from the Lord."

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