Saturday, January 17, 2015

Special Needs Mama's Listen up!

  He renews my strength.
He guides me along right paths,
    bringing honor to his name
-Psalm 23:3 NLT 

Lately I have honed in on this verse. It has resonated with me and touched my heart in a new and vibrant way. I think so often when we hear someone reference the 23rd Psalm we think of it as oh so familiar. But the other day this verse came alive in my life. The way only the Word of God can.

He renews my strength
Lately, I have been physically weak,  from caring for my three kids who have been fighting sickness for almost a month, mentally exhausted as we have tried to keep up with therapy appointments, missing church (getting together with other encouraging families), and  emotionally struggled with my son with Asperger's, who has had extra crazy to display - because we have been way off our normal schedule.

God promises to renew my strength as I take time each day - in quiet time- allowing Him to be my Shepherd. 

Have you felt tired lately? 

Overextended and wanting to give up. 

Take five minutes right now. Stop, pray, breathe, and allow Him to renew you. Each day you must be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit in order to pour out His goodness to your kids. So convicting I know. It is a discipline we must all train ourselves with.

 He guides me along right paths 
As we walk this line of parenting a special needs child, God will direct our paths in ways - He can most be glorified. Causing us to interact, rub shoulders, and love therapists and teachers we wouldn't have otherwise encountered. 

They need to see Jesus. 

God wants to use you. Your child. Your life. 

How you handle the crazy. It is so important to remember HE is the captain of your ship seeking those lighthouses where the light can best be seen. His light shining in the darkness. A child with special needs, a mom who loves Jesus, and a therapist who needs to hear truth weekly lived out in your life.

                                bringing honor to his name 
As we maneuver through this crazy exhausting life - we must remember Christ is our goal. Our heart will be happier. Our mind will be intentional - looking at those therapy sessions as ministry opportunities - instead of a burden to our already overloaded schedule. 

God wants to do great things in the midst of raising a special needs child. Keep your head up. He wants to use you. Many God stories later you will tell - of how HE weaved people into your life where the Gospel was able to be shared. 

Well done good and faithful servant...
                          as you bring honor to his name.

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