Friday, December 19, 2014

THE Mediator

I Timothy 2:5
For there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity--the man Christ Jesus.

         Having adult children has many different nuances.  Many are so exciting and enjoyable, it’s hard to compare them with what photographs remind me that they were.
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         However this week I have found myself much like an arbitrator or a referee or a mediator. I was having several of the parties come to me as the “Momma Bear” and confide in me.  In keeping the confidences of each, I found myself frustrated by being able to understand both sides of the situations.  Although I could feel for either side, I couldn’t imput, because it wasn’t my place. It ISN’T my stuff.
         Over the last few hours as each came again seeking my counsel (or maybe partiality) I spoke the obvious.  I cannot “fix” your misunderstandings, disagreements or business.
         This time as they spoke of the frustrations they were experiencing, I reminded them, I am not their mediator.  I am not in the position to referee for them.  As adult children they need to address whoever has offended them.  I desperately want them to mend their strained relationships, but I am powerless to make it work.
         Moms, it can be so hard to see where we “step in” and where we “step out.”  It is imperative that we seek guidance from the Lord and ask Him to show us how we are to respond to the difficulties within family relationships.

         I Timothy 2: 5 says, “There is ONLY ONE God and ONE Mediator who can reconcile us to God and humanity…” we can trust our ONE God to listen to our ONLY Mediator, which is Christ.  He will speak on our behalf and He will listen on our behalf.

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