Saturday, December 20, 2014

One Simple Tradition

This week in Bible study, we were challenged to share sweet memories and traditions and those things we are thankful for this season. I began to think about what we do with the kids each year and it's eternal impact. A girl in our study shared a simple little tradition she does each year with her kids and I plan to implement it this year. I have already told the kids we will be doing this and they are SUPER excited.

So...what is it?

As soon as the kids wake up, they run to our room, jump on the bed (to wake us because kids are ALWAYS up first :) and then we will read Luke 2 before anything else. Before stockings and gifts, we will unwrap THE GIFT and remind us of the true meaning of our day.

As you are reading this, some of you may be thinking....that's it!?!?! But honestly this is something so simple and gets missed so regularly. The busyness of the day gets a hold of us. Kids are super psyched to open everything, you are excited to see their faces as they open those gifts we saved and hunted down. All good things, which I love too, but too often Jesus isn't even talked about on the day we are celebrating Him. 

This year we are ordering a special birthday cake for Jesus (but you can totally make your own for a few bucks). We will start our day with Luke 2 and end it with birthday cake.  A reminder of who we are celebrating at the start and finish :)

What traditions will your family do this year celebrating Jesus' birth?? Things we start now with our kids, they will take with them when they leave us to start their own families someday!

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  1. I bought Happy Birthday Jesus plastic cups for us to use that day and days beyond (until they break). We're going to make cupcakes or just cookies tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and yes, celebrate Jesus!!