Friday, December 5, 2014

Fill in the _ _ _ _ _

As we said our final good-byes to Greg’s dad after our weeklong stay, it occurred to Greg we would not see him before Christmas.  Greg asked if he could read the Christmas story from Luke chapter two for all of us who were gathered in his living assistant housing.

Greg began to read the familiar story.  “In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree..”  However, instead of reading straight through the story, he began to periodically pause.

The pauses became the invitation for our youngest and her grandfather to banter for the first position to shout out the word being paused for.  Although at first I was sure if this was offensive or sacrilegious to make this holy word some type of fill in the blank game. In the spirit of competition this new twist to telling the sometime too familiar story, became not only challenging but fun and inviting.

If you are looking for a new way to communicate the truth of God’s good news, I suggest you consider this game playing/truth telling completion.  We laughed and giggled as everyone eagerly sought a “point.”

I believe God would be all for this new challenge.  As you consider how to help your children hide the Christmas story in their hearts, I challenge you to take on this approach.  Allow your child(ren) an opportunity to win a “point” with each fill in the blank.

Continue to find new ways to live out and enjoy the truth of the Jesus’s life in your home!

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