Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Humbled, Grateful, Challenged!

Christmas is a special time of year!  This season brings out an introspective spirit in me.  I think of the unfathomable fact that the Creator of the universe, holy, righteous and true, saw fit to come out of perfection and dwell on earth. He chose the humble form of a little baby, born into poor conditions on a cold winter night.

He would live within the confines of His human body and work, sweat, love and cry so that I would know that He truly understands my trials.  Then He would suffer horrific torture and death on the cross, and supernaturally raise from the grave so that my sins were erased and that I could live forever free of the power of sin in this life and the next.   I am humbled!!!

In considering Jesus,  I start thinking about my family and the many amazing people He has brought into my life so that I might be a better person from knowing them.  Some have offered truth, wisdom and a listening ear, others a word spoken into my life at just the right moment, and others prayer and encouragement to stay in the race.  Wherever I have lived, the Lord has been faithful to put these kindred spirits in my path.  I am grateful!!!

Finally, I ask myself what kind of impact have I had on others?  Have I been faithful in prayer and eager to listen as others have been for me? Am I bold enough to speak a word of truth when prompted by the Lord?  And do I let others know how precious they are to me?  Now I am challenged!!!

Will you accept the challenge?  Join me in encouraging those around us this season! Let's express how they have blessed us!  When the Lord puts someone on your mind, shoot up a prayer for them and then send them a text or give them a call . . . or even write them a note:)   Let's remind folks that they are important and appreciated and can overcome.  Let's assure them they are not alone.  We are in this together ... let's do it well!

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