Friday, December 6, 2013

Got a Jersey?

     Today I have visited with three ladies.  Great ladies.  They are leaders in their church, their schools, and their homes.  They all appear to be great wives and great moms and I’ll add great friends.
     But each of these ladies are struggling.  Struggling specifically in their marriages.  I understand.


My response to all three was the same.
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     Without effort I can point the finger and blame my husband, I can express my disappointment for what he doesn’t do and be ungrateful for all that he does.  I challenged each of these gals to remember their husbands ARE NOT the problem.
     Our fights are NOT against them.  Our fights are against what we cannot see.
     I suggested to one of the gals that she create a “team jersey” for each member of her family.  I told her to consider wearing the jerseys as reminders that she and her husband are on the same team.  Whenever she needs help with chores around the house to put on her jersey and have the other family do the same to remind them they are on the same team.
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     I told her when she and her husband get in a squabble to put on the jerseys to remind them they are not fighting against each other.  The resolution isn’t to slug it out on each other but together they look for resolution.

      A bloody nose and black eyes should be given to the enemy not each other.  Don’t fight against your spouse fight with your spouse.

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