Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Day Ever!!

        You may remember last year I was dealing with a disappointed teenager on Christmas Day.  She had wanted an Iphone to keep up with her peers on Instagram. 
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I was sorry about her lack of enthusiasm over what we had given her and her lack of gratitude.
         This year?  I was a hero!  No not for my teenager (although she did show much more enthusiasm and appreciation.)  This year it was my son-in- law.  We gave him a coffee pot.  I mean it was some sort of beaker experiment looking glass pitcher with wood around its neck.  I think it looked like a glorified carafe but he wanted it.
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         As he opened it the biggest smirk came across his face.  He quickly said how much he appreciated it and how wonderful it was.  Before our attention turned to the next person to open a gift he said almost under his breath, “Best Christmas Ever!”
         Done!  “Best Christmas Ever!”  What a blessing to hear one of ours celebrate the moment.  I didn’t need to open another gift or eat our big family meal.  There was nothing else I needed. 
         I read this morning, Psalm 118: 24, “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  I thought of the how blessed I was to hear Cole express his pleasure in his gift.
         I wondered how much more the LORD would be blessed if He watched us seize the moment with our children. 
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Recognizing all that happens while we parent is an opportunity to rejoice and be glad.  Wouldn’t the LORD stop and smile when he would hear us say, “Best Day Ever!”  All the more, not because the day was going our way, but it is the “Best Day Ever!” strictly because it is HIS!
        Let’s commit to declaring this our “Best Day Ever!” Teach your children this verse and have them repeat it throughout the day.  Acknowledge this is HIS day and we will rejoice!


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