Friday, March 27, 2015

The Trailer

          I love a good movie...a fountain coke, and melting M&M’s over hot popcorn.

         As much as I love these things, a good trailer can make me equally as content! 

         So this is your trailer. 
Google Image

         I’m away with 24 High School girls in cabins in upstate Florida.  One of these girls is our youngest.

         It was a 6-hour drive.  We didn’t eat lunch until our arrival at two o’clock.  The five cabins are on a lake with kayaks and a dock.  Our focus this weekend is the fruit of the Spirit.

         That young moms…is the trailer…next week I will fill in the blanks of what God does while we are here.  God showed me this verse before I left this morning. 
Google Image 

         (I feel so blessed to be able to come…I am thrilled and honored to be with and learn from these young ladies!)

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