Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Just a Season!

It's just a season! Those words we say when walking through a rough spot of our faith. The beautiful reality... is that seasons aren't forever. They have a purpose and plan with inner workings divinely placed there by God himself. Even in winter, when trees are bare without leaves and looking withered, the tree's roots are gathering in nutrients it will need in the other seasons in order to bloom beautifully.  It's underneath is being worked on. The part that allows the tree to live and grow. 

Although in the moment seasons can seem never-ending. We tend to forget that, just like the tree, there are things underneath the surface (like - our heart) that God is molding and nourishing. Through our "seasons" His goal is that we would rightly represent who He is- to a dying world. They are watching. Wondering where our "nutrients" are coming from when our circumstances (weather of life) seems to look unfortunate. 

What season are you walking through right now?

Remember it's not forever and there is a purpose - even if right now it is unseen. 

God divinely ordains situations and circumstances to grow your faith and to allow onlookers to observe your great God.

Look for the nutrients in your season right now. Remember your source is unlimited and HE has a plan beyond what you can think or imagine :)

Each season has a purpose.

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