Saturday, March 28, 2015

Get Out...Especially on Those Crazy Days!!!

Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. 
Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation 
and the salvation of those who hear you. 
- 1 Timothy 4:16

This past week has been stretching. We have entered our third week of new therapy with some resistance from my son, which the center tells me is completely normal. They warned me ahead of time this week would come and I welcomed it - as I know it is a process in getting my son's brain to work properly.

So, being that our week was tough we decided to GET OUT and do a couple of field trips with a sweet family who also home schools. Many times, I fear play dates - especially on those weeks when my children have been especially challenging. But we ventured out and I am so grateful we did. 

As we did our science lesson on a local beach, seeing God's creation, and relishing in new species never seen...the Lord reminded me of the beauty in the hearts of my boys. Active yes they are, but they have such genuine love for others. They so enjoy making memories with friends whenever we have play dates. I learned a very valuable lesson. Get out more! 

Field trips (or play dates) also allow you to cultivate friendships with other moms and give your children an opportunity for growth. To be stretched. Working through the behaviors they do that doesn't honor the Lord and praise them for the ones that do! Many times it takes being with others for our child's areas of weakness and strength to be magnified and identified. 

I plan to get out more. Make more mommy friends and allow us all to be stretched more. On those crazy weeks...GET OUT! More field trips - are coming - which will bring character development both for my kiddos and me too! 

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