Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Light in the Night

One super-early Sunday morning I felt like God was calling me out of bed.  The previous Friday and Saturday mornings He called me but I didn’t go!!  (Shame, Laura.)  I reasoned my way “out” of it.  But on Sunday morning around 4 a.m. I finally obeyed. (Hallelujah!) All I heard was God saying, 

“Trust Me.  I’ll show you.”  And as a true disobedient child I replied, “But it’s dark and if I make noise or put a light on it will surely wake someone (Jordan) and I’ll have company this early…” 
“Trust Me” was all I kept hearing.  So I plodded forward through my house and into the kids room where the light was dimly on.  “But I’m going to hurt my eyes in this light” was what I told the Light of the world.  God continued to say, “Trust Me.”  So I turned into the room and He turned me right toward the night light.  I was so awed at God!  The night light was bright enough for my little tender eyes to see the Word I was about to be shown. 

James 1:2-4 was where I began but then He nudged me to read on to verses five and six.  Oh, how blessed I felt!    Even though I had been a tough cookie in all my disobedience, He continued to have great compassion on me.  His perseverance in love just overwhelmed me.  His confidence in what He had planned for me was remarkable – this is our God.

Lately I’ve been reading through 1 & 2 Chronicles and specifically about the wisdom God gave Solomon to lead His people, Israel.  And here in James 1:5-6 He shows that His wisdom is available to us, for the asking!  Just ask in faith, without doubting and He is faithful to supply. 

As we desire to lead our children in this world, let us do it with His wisdom.  

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