Friday, August 21, 2015

Unexpected Surprise From An Unlikely Source

It had been a LOOOOOONG week and my oldest had given me a run for my money...MANY times. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I was worn out and beat down. Sunday, I put on the "I am ok" face as I walked into church. Not wanting to give any details of my week with those I encountered,  so I kept quiet of the challenges my disciple, my son, had given me. I went through the motions of set-up and break-down of my department I serve in, and happened. God whispered to me through a children's ministry worker girl. HE reminded me how HE delights in the details of my life (Psalm 37:23 NLT). 

It was a holy hug given to me by the words spoken over me. Words of affirmation and encouragement. Those words we hear rarely but need desperately. 

She pulled me aside and shared how my son's closing prayer lifted her up. It looked, as though none of the kiddos were paying attention. Wondering if any of them "got it" as my son volunteered to pray and managed to weave in the lesson's verse into it. It brought tears to her eyes and mine as well. I was reminded that our kids see our hearts towards prayer. They watch and learn how we handle scripture. And the seed we plant in their hearts will grow a harvest if we don't give up. After the week I had, the Lord knew I needed that sweet nudge of edification and allowed it to come from a source I wouldn't have guessed. 

Be a mom who encourages other moms. It's a tough job and we need each other. Take a moment to text or email a friend and remind them they will reap a harvest if they don't give up. 

Don't miss those moments the Lord gives you to encourage your parenting. Pause and praise God, with your child listening, for the milestones your child accomplishes. Remember academics and sports are huge but so are spiritual accomplishments!

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