Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Library Books Educate Our Kids & Us Too!

Last week we were at the library, as a family, when I came across a book that intrigued me. I picked up "How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?" by Jane Yolen, without realizing how powerful it would be. The premise of the story is about a dinosaur  and how he deals with his anger. It gently goes through his inappropriate actions and turns it around to share the correct way to deal with anger. Counting to ten, not throwing things, breathing calmly, says sorry, gives hugs, and soon enough his anger is gone.

This book wound up being my son's favorite library book of the week. Because he could relate to it greatly, but more-so because he could laugh about the naughty behavior and recognize dinosaurs struggle with anger too. It helped us bridge a conversation in a new way. A fun and cute way. A way my child could relate to and enjoy through the process.

Have you ever thought about checking out a book or video from the library dealing with an issue your child is struggling with? With cute and inviting characters depicting it?

Ask the Lord to give you direction on how to approach the struggles your kiddos have. It may just come from a place you never would have guessed :)


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