Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Encouraged in My Home Schooling Journey" by Courtney Hrinik

Nehemiah encouraged me today in my home schooling journey:

"I also devoted myself to working on the wall and refused to acquire any land...." 

There are days when I want to quit because it's hard!!! Kids whine and complain and refuse. Some days are more discipline than actual school. I think about "the land" I could be acquiring; all I could be doing if my kids were in"real school".

My prayer today was that I would be devoted to building the wall God has called me too and refuse to "acquire any land". 

I was also encouraged by Nehemiah's response to his enemies who tried to discourage and stop the work. Nehemiah didn't budge. He was just as persistent and consistent. He saw the lies, and he let it stir an even greater determination in him to do the work. 
(Nehemiah 5-6)

Do you feel discouraged in your journey of home schooling with your child? 

Consider spending some quiet time reading through the book of Nehemiah. 

Ask God to allow His voice to be heard and you heart to be softened. 

The Lord promises us....

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