Friday, January 20, 2017

When Tutus, Lacrosse sticks and Eternity Collide

If our Kennedy had been,
She probably would have worn
Tennis shoes
Basketball shoes
I’ll guess…cleats too.

I think
She would have vacillated
Pink and sparkles
With all out athleticism.

She would have carried a
Lacrosse stick
And worn disheveled braids,
Knee pads, sparkly tennis shoes
And a bright pink tutu.

When she played she’d be the star.
Everyone would have feared the legendary
Kennedy Drew.

I imagine KD would often lose interest,
Gather the hands of her family and friends
(Cheering for her in the stands,)
To join her in the center of the field
To twirl
And be together.

I don’t understand why my
Tutu wearing,
Lacrosse carrying
Granddaughter didn’t take her first breath
I selfishly want her – here!

But it seems she accomplished her life’s goal.
She was equipped with gifts and talents to play this game of life.
Like a champion.
To win.
And win decisively.

God’s plan was for her to walk into
The stadium of her life
And gather her Mom and Dad,
Her future bother and sisters,
Her grandparents,
Aunts, uncles, friends
And communities

Onto her playing field.
To dance
And Laugh
And twirl about.

Kennedy Drew
our Tutu wearing, lacrosse stick carrier
was equipped
To play hard and to win.

(Kennedy Drew - January 20, 2016)


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    1. Oh, Joannie. ❤️ (With tears flowing down my face) For Our Lord.

  2. Joannie-beautiful transparency of your sweet heart wrapped by His Love and Faith. Thank you for sharing. xo