Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Praying for you, Momma

Lord, I pray for moms who are in the trenches of training up their children.  These early years can be so stretching for us as we learn how to live out the principles in the Bible in front of our kids.  
God, as Your word instructs us I pray that we would instruct our kids from Your word as it is the lamp to our feet and the light to our path.  Let the fruit of the Spirit be evident in us as we make choices to stay self-controlled during those crazy moments, that we extend love and grace and speak encouragement to our children rather than lash out in anger and frustration.  
Lord, maybe if we’ve set the bar too high for our kids to reach sometimes please help us to keep a sound mind and reach them where they are at.  Let us stop drilling them with what they should have done but rather give thanks for the things they do.  Help us to stop everything and look at them in the eyes and let them see our eyes.  May we not miss the opportunity to give a high-five or hug but also not miss when a tear needs to be wiped away or boo-boo kissed and prayed for.  Help us to be firm, wise and always seeking Your counsel upon giving correction.  Help us keep our word.  
Be glorified in our mothering.  We desire to be at Your feet asking for the way, that we should walk in it.

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