Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Overcoming Bickering

This week our four-year old has off from VPK but joins Matthew (six) and me in a special week learning about the Passion week of Christ (the week before Jesus was crucified).  One of the days we read from Luke 22:7-30 to learn more about “Holy Thursday,” the night of The Last Supper.  We read how our Savior poured out His heart to His disciples, letting them in on the great plan and what they could pass along to other generations to do in remembrance of Jesus.  But during this holy moment His disciples were…BICKERING! 

Does this resonate with real moms out there?!

There you are – in the moment – you just got done saying the last word of an awesome devotion for your kids where you thought they were SO attentive and it REALLY got through…. AND THEN… they start to BICKER!!

But here is where I focused my attention:  What was Jesus’ response?  Did He stand up, bang His hand on the table and yell in frustration at His disciples’ selfishness?! No, He didn’tEven with His betrayer RIGHT THERE, He simply responded in love and compassion.  He knows our frailty and tendency to think of ourselves before others.  He had the perfect story on hand for just such an occasion (see vs. 24-30).

Even though it didn’t seem like Jesus really got through to the disciples at that time, it is written in the Bible so WE can learn from His teaching.  And wouldn’t you know I got to use this illustration with our kids as they bickered over Legos not long after we read this awesome Bible story. 

The Lord is good and gracious. 
Thank You, my God for supplying me with what I needed at just the right time.

Mommas, read your Bible out-loud to your kids and ask them questions.  Apply it in their lives so they can relate to the story.  Maybe make hand-puppets out of socks or paper bags and put on a play.  Also, have these stories in your “back pocket” to use in everyday teaching moments.

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