Friday, October 2, 2015

Mom's Security Blanket

         Over the years I have found my favorite baby gift is a security blanket.  They come in many varieties, sizes and colors.  I like to add a card saying, “May you enjoy finding security in this little blanket until you find security in the Lord.”
         I am a softie for a child pulling a blanket or a favorite toy around. 
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I guess I’m just “old school” and love to see the natural affinity children have for certain toys.
         My family of origin on the other hand have had a long standing joke about my mom’s blanket.  My mother’s age isn’t a secret, but now in her 70’s we remain surprised she continues to carry a blanket with her on her travels and most definitely in her house. 
         As of late, I too have found a love for a blanket.  Honestly, not a particular one, but just an extra one.  I keep it folded by my head while I sleep.  If I wake a bit chilled during the night, I simply unfold it and lay it around my shoulders.  The blanket is just heavy and soft enough to make me feel comforted.
         And I smile.
         I smile realizing the blanket has brought security to me. Yes, some warmth, but more importantly a reminder of my mom.  I can’t help but think my brothers would make fun of me falling into being “just like my momma."
         I wonder if you have begun to take on characteristics of your mom or someone you dearly love.  It is a compliment to be compared to someone you admire and respect.
         Paul said in I Corinthians 11: 1, “follow my example as I follow Christ.”  God’s desire is for our growth in the Lord to be so exemplary that we can encourage others to follow us.  Our children will follow our example.  May we provide them with examples worthy to be followed.


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